AI Secrets, a New Generative AI Publication, Launches

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Written By Thomas Smith

The New York Times called Thomas Smith a "veteran programmer." For over a decade, Smith has led Gado Images, an AI-driven visual content company.

A new publication devoted to generative AI, AI Secrets, has officially launched. The publication is a sister publication to the popular site Stock Photo Secrets, which provides news and analysis for the stock media licensing industry. It is part of the Stock Photo Press family of publications.

AI Secrets is “Dedicated to connecting users with the best service providers in the field of artificial intelligence. Our Media Pipeline platform allows companies to reach their customers with visual and textual AI technologies easily,” according to the AI Secrets website.

AI Secrets is led by Amos Struck, who brings over 20 years of experience in the stock media and journalism industries to the new project. I’ve personally collaborated with Struck on other projects.

The new publication launched with support from partners including Shutterstock and Bria. Check out the new publication; we’re always excited to see more participants in the generative AI space!

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