Is Generative AI Having Its Moment? Chip Schenck, VP at Shutterstock Answers

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The New York Times called Thomas Smith a "veteran programmer." For over a decade, Smith has led Gado Images, an AI-driven visual content company.

At the Digital Media Licensing Association‘s event in Austin, Texas, Chip Schenck from Shutterstock gave a talk about his company’s generative AI systems.

Here are some key takeaways from a question about whether generative AI is having its moment.

It’s fascinating to look at how quickly artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated our lives, especially in the realm of image generation. Not too long ago, research conducted in October revealed that 20% of people were already using some form of AI-generated image software.

The number has only grown since then, and now we can confidently say that AI-generated images are having their moment.

Democratizing Image Generation

AI-generated images are gaining traction, partially because AI has been subtly integrated into our lives in ways we might not have even noticed. From little features on our smartphones to more complex systems that we rely on daily, AI technology has been silently transforming our world.

However, this shift is becoming more visible as AI-generated images and text have become accessible to the masses. No longer limited to experts and professionals, AI is enabling everyone to tap into their creativity and become contributors or creators.

Unlocking Creativity and Excitement

AI-generated images are not only democratizing creativity but also generating excitement around the concept of self-expression. People who might not have considered themselves creative before suddenly have the tools to express themselves and create something unique.

This newfound creativity is not limited to any specific age group, either. Even children who might not have realized their artistic potential can now use AI-generated image tools to create something that speaks to their experiences and personalities.

A Limitless Landscape

The accessibility of AI-generated images means there is no limit to what people can create, and this has the potential to revolutionize the creative landscape. From young children to adults, individuals from all walks of life are now empowered to express themselves artistically, regardless of their prior experience with creative media.

As AI-generated images become increasingly seamless and convincing, we will likely see a drift towards greater acceptance and use of AI-generated content in various industries. The world of art, design, marketing, and entertainment will soon be influenced by a new generation of creative visionaries working with the power of AI.

Embracing the Change

The rise of AI-generated images is not something to fear. Instead, we should embrace the change and the exciting possibilities it holds for the future of creativity. As users become more comfortable with AI-generated images and related tools, it is essential to remain adaptable and open-minded about these new creative opportunities.

In the evolving world of AI-generated images, everyone is an artist, and the only limitation is one’s imagination. The democratization of image generation through AI technology is unlocking the potential for a more diverse and engaging creative landscape, forever changing the way we view and create art.

Video Transcript

It’s funny, from a research perspective, when we’ve been doing this, we did some research, and we did one study last October, and then we did another one in February. We were shocked to find that 20% of people were already using some sort of image generator, which means that there have been different variations out there. But we were shocked then.

Was it its moment? Not quite, because it hadn’t been fully democratized, as in the word, but made fully available. I think it’s having its moment now because AI has been in our lives in secret, hidden ways that in many cases we probably didn’t even know it was AI. Little things that happen on your iPhone and all of a sudden it does that really cool thing.

It’s everywhere now. But this is the first time that, on a mass basis, from a visual or text basis, anyone can access it, anyone can use it, anyone can create. And it now means that everyone, in some way, shape, or form, becomes a contributor or creator, and it’s unlocked not just creativity, but excitement around, you know, my kid, not really a creative owner in his body, but now has something that he can kind of use to express himself.

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