Generated Photos Launches Full-body AI-Generated Humans, for Free

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The New York Times called Thomas Smith a "veteran programmer." For over a decade, Smith has led Gado Images, an AI-driven visual content company.

The company Generated Photos has long used AI and generative adversarial networks to create realistic photos of the faces of people that don’t exist. These faces can be used for advertising campaigns or other sensitive uses where human models wouldn’t want their image shown.

Generated Photos has also worked with organizations like law enforcement on sting operations for child exploitation, on advertising images, and a variety of other unique use cases.

Now, Generated Photos has upped the technical ante by generating full-body shots of humans that don’t exist, not just faces. All of the images are free for non-commercial use as long as you link back to Generated Photos.

Uses for AI-Generated Humans

Generated Photos is calling these new full-body models “Generated Humans.” You can sign up on the Generated Photos website in order to download them. They show the faces and bodies of people with various age ranges, skin tones, body types, clothing styles, and more.

Generated Photos trains its generative adversarial networks using wholly-owned images of models. That should help it steer clear of many of the legal issues inherent in other AI image generation systems’ data sets. In terms of its use cases, Generated Photos is similar to PantherMedia.

Generated Humans can be valuable for a variety of different use cases. For example, they could be used for:

  • Game development, to add realistic cut-scene imagery.
  • Training machine learning, and academic research
  • Characters in a metaverse
Generated Human as a metaverse character

Digital Extras

Generated Humans are also useful as digital extras for virtual production. Companies are increasingly turning to virtual production using CGI in order to create television shows or advertisements without sending photographers on location. If production designers need a large crowd of people in their virtual scene, Generated Humans quickly fit the ticket.

A selection of Generated Humans

A final potential use for these full-body AI humans is fashion. Retouchers can easily add their own clothing to the digital models, quickly spinning up an e-commerce site or creating product imagery.

Next Steps

Moving from generating faces to generating full bodies is a big technical step. In the future, Generated Photos will likely add some element of motion or customizability to the poses and positioning of their humans.

The AI video company Synthesia already does this for a limited number of models. New AI technology should allow movement and posing, as well as custom clothing, for a broader range of AI-generated people.

If you want to try out Generated Humans, head over to Generated Photos’ website and try them for free.

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