Designing Synthetic Tiny Houses With DALL-E

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Tiny houses have been all the rage for years. You can’t go to a visually-oriented social media site like Instagram or Pinterest without seeing scores of creative tiny house designs.

Although there’s lot of lovely, practical tiny houses out there, you don’t find too many that incorporate high-concept architecture. Most likely, the kind of person who wants to build a small house in a remote place in order to live simply isn’t the same kind of person who wants to live in an austere architect’s dream structure.

To see what tiny houses would look like with some high-concept architectural influences thrown in, I turned to OpenAI’s DALL-E.

Dall-E was able to generate some lovely synthetic tiny houses in a variety of architectural styles.

Want a Art Deco-style house situated in a quiet neighborhood? DALL-E can deliver something that meets the bill, even if it definitely wouldn’t be structurally sound.

Art deco tiny house generated by DALL-E

It can even go a step further and generate bizarre structures, like this brutalist tiny house in the desert.

Thank goodness we can all enjoy that visual without someone having to actually live in that house!

Although this experiment was just for fun, you can see how powerful DALL-E could eventually become as a tool for visualizing architecture without the need for blueprints or renderings.

Architects could use the tool to creative imaginative structures, and with the right prompt they could alter key features and experiment with different concepts. Maybe one of these AI-inspired tiny houses could actually get built.

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