DALL-E Cooks an AI-Generated Thanksgiving Meal

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Happy Thanksgiving from Synthetic Engineers! To celebrate the holiday, we thought we’d ask DALL-E to “cook” us a thanksgiving meal of AI-generated imagery.

The table is already set, so let’s begin!

Thanksgiving table set for a meal with festive decorations

Before we can enjoy our meal, DALL-E needs to spend some time cooking, of course. Thanks to the power of generative AI, we can go from zero to a fully cooked bird in about 15 seconds!

Turkey in the oven cooking

Yum! You can almost smell the diffusers stabilizing!

Of course, DALL-E wouldn’t forget the sides dishes. Those are the best part of the meal.

We’ve got the traditional mashed potatoes.

Large serving bowl of mashed potatoes with festive autumn decor

You weren’t supposed to put the festive decor in the potatoes, DALL-E! But whatever, you’re a robot–what did we expect?

Let’s get some stuffing going here, too.

A bowl of the tastiest stuffing in the universe

Okay, let’s eat. DALL-E, would you do the honors?

Close-up, over the shoulder image of a robot's hands carving turkey at a festive Thanksgiving table, photorealistic

What, you thought it was going to have human hands??

Delicious! Thanks for a great meal, DALL-E! Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your real thanksgiving meal, everyone, from your friends here at Synthetic Engineers.

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